3 positions (Post-doc, PhD student, study psychologist) in the project FEAR PROFILES

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The positions are part of an Emmy Noether grant awarded to Dr. Tina Lonsdorf. More information on Tina Lonsdorfs group, which she leads since 2013, can be found under www.lonsdorflab.com.


The position is part of the project FEAR PROFILES which aims to utilize population heterogeneity (variance) as a unique opportunity and promising starting point to advance mechanistic insights into fear and anxiety related processes. The project goes way beyond traditional confirmatory or refusive investigations on a-priori theories and focuses on variance that has been largely neglected as ‘residual variance’ or studied in isolation to date.
The project will be conducted by a team including the PI, a post-doctoral researcher, a PhD student and a study psychologist. The team will implement a series of systematic, multi-methodological and -variate studies that combine well-established experimental paradigms with cutting-edge technical tools and methodological advances (such as parallel EMG-fMRI data acquisition, Virtual Reality). Experimental paradigms focus for instance on fear, anxiety as well as their generalization, avoidance as well as habituation processes and emotional memory.

We are located at the Department of Systems Neuroscience (Head: Prof. Christian Büchel), which is part of the University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf in Hamburg (Germany).

The Department of Systems Neuroscience offers an interdisciplinary and international research environment, a research-dedicated 3-T MR Scanner (PRISMA), Virtual-Reality laboratories as well as excellent facilities for behavioral testing and psychophysiological studies. In addition, the institute offers excellent training opportunities (https://goo.gl/pU44vP and https://goo.gl/uvt2L5).