EMHFC Mini Meeting


Last winter, it was still quite uncertain whether we would be able to see each other live again, and no live EMHFC meeting was planned. Because it would be a shame to not have the European FC community together at all this year, an online mini-EMHFC meeting is planned by Nijmegen. Utrecht and Leuven. It is going to happen on May 19th between 13.00 and 18.30 PM CET, in Zoom! The fact that the head count after registration had been open for two weeks was 120 demonstrates that our community does not freeze in the face of the challenges that COVID brought, or reverts to passive avoidance, but instead engages in active coping to stay in touch.

We hope to see all of you from the European FC crowd on May 19th!


Best regards,


The organization committee

Floris Klumpers, Linda de Voogd, Anneloes Hulsman, Anna Wester and Karin Roelofs (RU Nijmegen)

Anne Willems and Lu Leng (KU Leuven)

Caroline Kwee and Joke Baas (UU Utrecht)



We will kick off the online program with a key note lecture by Dominik Bach on Hacking aversive memories in humans by targeting synaptic plasticity at 13:00. After discussion and a short break, the next session will be about what’s new in FC-land. For this session, we invite you all (students, Phds, post-docs and PI’s) to submit a short pitch to update the FC-community about what you’ve been up to lately. This session will be followed by the opportunity for discussion, getting to know more about your favorite pitches and meeting with your favorite FCers. This part already gives some opportunity to socialize, but the final part of the program is all about socializing: The pubquiz with questions only real FCers can answer. We’ll mix you all up in teams from different countries, labs, and schools of thought, so please join the pubquiz to get to know FCers you didn’t even know existed. All of this will be wrapped up nicely in time for dinner.

Click here for the program


If you have any questions, please contact us via emhfc@ru.nl