Keynote Speaker

We are very happy to announce the keynote speaker for the EMHFC Mini Meeting 2022

Prof. Dominik R. Bach, MD, PhD

Hertz Chair for Artificial Intelligence and Neuroscience, University of Bonn


Hacking aversive memories in humans by targeting synaptic plasticity

Current treatment for stress and anxiety disorders are efficacious but leave room for improvement. As an experimental psychopathology model, Pavlovian fear conditioning has been used to investigate novel avenues to preventing, or interfering with, aversive memory. In his talk, Dominik Bach will present his own team’s work on consolidation and reconsolidation inhibition in human laboratory paradigms, including results from a purely behavioural procedure, several RCTs with the synaptic plasticity-inhibiting drug doxycycline, and one with spatially targeted non-invasive brain stimulation.