Network members and collaborators

When the network was initiated by Christian Merz and Tina Lonsdorf in 2015, the grant application included a total of 15 researches at the senior post-doc, young PI or assistant professor level – all working in different european labs in the field of fear conditioning research in humans. Since the network was funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG), the majority of members had to be located in Germany and groups overseas could not be included.

Over the years, some of the inital network members left academia or did not actively participate in the network discussions and activities while many inspiring colleagues expressed their interest to particpiate and join our discussions. The following list thus contains all researchers that engaged actively in EIFEL-ROF activities with original network members highlighted with a *.

Tina Lonsdorf * – Hamburg, Germany

Christian Merz *  – Bochum, Germany

Marta Andreatta * – Würzburg, Germany

Joke Baas * – Utrecht, the Netherlands

Miguel Fullana * – Barcelona, Spain

Jan Haaker * – Hamburg, Germany

Andrea Hermann * – Giessen, Germany

Frauke Nees * – Mannheim, Germany

Andre Pittig * – Dresden, Germany

Jan Richter * – Greifswald, Germany

Sonja Römer * – Saarbrücken, Germany

Benjamin Straube * – Marburg, Germany

Bram Vervliet * – Leuven, Belgium

                Anna Gerlicher – Amsterdam, the Netherlands

               Tom Beckers, Leuven, Belgium

               Anastasia Chalkia, Leuven, Belgium

               Ann Meulders, Maastricht, the Netherlands

               Floris Klumpers, Nijmegen, the Netherlands

                Armita Golkar, Stockholm, Sweden

                Manuel Kuhn, Harvard Medical School, USA (formerly Hamburg)

                Valerie Jentsch, Bochum, Germany

                Shira Meir Drexler, Bochum, Germany

                Maren Klingelhöfer-Jens, Hamburg, Germany

                Rachel Sjouwerman, Hamburg, Germany