Registration deadline approaching – Summer School on Emotional Learning and Memory

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flyer_summerschool_2017 extended deadline

Dear colleague,

Please note that the deadline (May 15) to register and apply for the Second International Summer School on Emotional Learning and Memory in Health and Psychopathology is rapidly approaching.

The summer school will be held at KU Leuven (Leuven, Belgium). You can register at:

Click here to see the flyer .

We are most happy that Prof. Michelle Craske has been added to the program.

The confirmed international speakers now are:

Mark Bouton – The University of Vermont

-> on the topic of extinction and recovery from emotional responses

Luana Colloca – University of Maryland

-> on the topic of the placebo effect

Michelle Craske – University of California, Los Angeles

-> on the topic of inhibitory learning during exposure therapy

Tim Dalgleish – MRC-CBU Cambridge

-> on the topic of cognition, emotion, and mental health

Shmuel Lissek – University of Minnesota

-> on the topic of generalization of emotional responding

Alicia Meuret – Southern Methodist University

-> on the topic of exposure therapy

The confirmed speakers from KU Leuven (Belgium) are:

Tom Beckers

-> on the topic of memory reconsolidation interference

Yannick Boddez

-> on the topic of basic learning principles and complicated grief

Filip Raes

-> on the topic of overgeneral memory and psychopathology

Ilse Van Diest

-> on the topic of interoceptive learning

Bram Vervliet

-> on the topic of avoidance in anxiety disorders

In addition, several hands-on workshops (e.g, on how to conduct exposure therapy and memory specificity training, on the analysis of physiological data, and on questionable research practices and replication) will be offered to attendees.

On behalf of the organizing team,

Dirk Hermans, Omer Van den Bergh, Katleen Bogaerts, Ann Meulders, Elisa Maes, & Yannick Boddez